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March 4, 2010

Revealing my cards

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Things are starting now to finally come together regarding our relocation and hopefully in about 1 month or so we may be moving to our new home and to start a new(ish) life.

I’ve not been keeping too well recently so I’ve missed out an important event that took place about 1 week before Valentine’s Day. ¬†You’ll remember (if you’ve read some of the older posts) that a key change that will accompany my relocation is a mental shift to take better care of myself, my mind, my emotions, my attitude, perspectives and personal outlook.

Some of these changes involve Susan to some degree, many do not.  Nevertheless I thought I owed it her to explain what the move meant to me, what it would mean to me going forward and what it might mean to us and indeed to her.



August 25, 2009

Taking care of my Self

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My previous post received what I can only describe as something of a rebuke from a regular reader ToppHogg. I responded to his comment, but on further reflection I fear that I have given the erroneous impression that all my efforts to help myself are actually focused on helping my relationship and even Susan. These efforts are taken I must stress with my own wellbeing uppermost; it makes my life easier to bear.

But there is more and I thought I should spell some of the other plans out. (more…)

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