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November 16, 2008

The Period

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A few days ago the drought of the last month or two ended.  I’m not even sure how long the drought had lasted because I’ve stopped the careful counting (both for and against) of yesteryear.

It was a slightly warmer day than usual and we were in bed.  It was very late and my only instinct was to go to sleep – after all not much else happens in our matrimonial bed.  But for some reason Susan started what to her counts as foreplay. A bit of caressing, touching, tickling.  The next thing was that she announced that she was too hot and stripped off.

And so that started it off and although I was too tired to really get into it, it was better than many ‘drought-enders’.

But in addition to being tired I find it really hard to let go of my cynicism either during or after the event and it was born out by what happened the day after.  Susan started her period.

What has that to do with this?  Well in my experience over the course of our marriage the frequency (or rather, lack) of sex has always been an issue. But for some reason when the drought ends (and the next one begins) it is almost always around her period.  It may be a coincidence of course and my memory may be selective.  But over the course of all these years I think I’m spot on here.

In this case the sex was a precursor to the period.  And it is not the first time.  Usually however, it is in the day or two after the end of her period.  I suspect quite strongly, although I can’t find much evidence of this, that Susan’s miniscule sex drives gets a boost due to the hormonal changes during her period.  Sometimes the peak of this boost is before her period and sometimes after.  There is I might add, never a boost at both sides of her period, and it never occurs during the period.  Even if it did, Susan refuses even non-penetrative sex during her period, so she would never ‘take advantage of it anyway’.

The boost lasts just one day (I don’t think we have ever in all these years had sex on two consecutive days – not in the last 5 years anyway) before the next drought begins.  You may be thinking that this implies sex at least once a month.  You would be wrong.  Not every period seems to create this boost.  Or if it does, she manages to supress about half of them, so at best we are having sex around the time of her period about once every 2 or 3 months.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?


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