Marriage Of One

May 28, 2010

Change in the air?

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Relocation complete!

And I’d like to say we’ve turned a new leaf, we’ve started a new life and attitudes and behaviours (on both sides) have suddenly taken on  a new, progressive and productive aspect.

But I’d be lying.  Almost.  Something has changed, I’m just figuring out what that is…. It’s small, subtle, possibly the seed of something greater.  Or it may be nothing.

Over the last few days I’ve been tempted to write here more so than the last few weeks, with my thoughts and impressions of this ‘new’ life.  But I want to be sure of what is going on, and it is too soon to say.

So I’m going to wait another fortnight or so before starting this chapter of my story.

I’m sorry, you’ll just have to wait!!


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