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July 16, 2009

The End Of The Road Part 2

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It has been a long while but this is the first time I have been able to devote any length of time to writing about what has happened.  This entry has been put together over a few weeks actually.

A few days after Susan broke the astonishing news that she was quitting therapy, she said she wanted to talk.  We sat on the bed, she had surrounded herself with a few of the sex manuals she had bought for our wedding night nearly 9 years ago.  She wanted to get right to talking about restarting our sex-life. Her method was to use the books and pick things to try out from them (not right away of course).

I wasn’t impressed.  I needed answers.  Although the decision to get help was hers, I felt that the least she could have done is asked me before she had terminated her sessions with Marcia.  Especially as she had pretty much involved me along the way.  So my first question was why she had done that. (more…)


March 24, 2009

If in doubt…

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Today was one of those rare days when for some reason I felt a bit more introspective than usual and started to doubt my strategy – if you can call it that.

I mean really the way that I have chosen to live and cope with my awkward sexual relationship with my otherwise excellent friend Susan, my wife.  It is not really a strategy – that would imply that I have some kind of objective or goal, which I don’t.

Anyway back to the introspection.  On the drive to work I found myself wondering if my situation is self-inflicted.  So if our ‘average’ sexual frequency is once every 2 or 3 months, what is to stop me from demanding sex or just ‘helping myself’ once every week – which is roughly how I think it should be? (more…)

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