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May 6, 2009

A bombshell!

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A couple of days ago Susan dropped a bombshell.

“I think we should have another baby”, she said.  I couldn’t believe my ears for a moment.  Okay, nothing wrong with saying it or thinking about it.  It was just so unexpected.  I had always thought – and she never said anything to the contrary – that our family was complete.  I think I said “WHAT?!?!?!”.  Then I followed it with a shrug and then the conversation changed or petered out.

But I thought about it.  In theory it would be nice to have another baby (although we still have one now, sort of).  In theory.  In practice I remember all the hard work.  I remember Susan getting exhausted.  And most of all I remember that our marriage – the foundation of our family – is more unstable now than ever.  What was she thinking?  Maybe just her biological clock trying one last time to get another child out? (more…)


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