Marriage Of One

January 22, 2019

Mental health in the Marriage of One

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For all her faults Susan is generally a cheerful person, often effusive and bubbly.  I like that about her, because I am not.  I consider myself to be (or have become) a person who is content.  That is, I believe that I have learnt the gist of, and now practice a workable combination of the Serenity Prayer  and Rudyard Kipling’s If.  This keeps me from swinging from despair to excitement and back again.  I am balanced.  I am calm.  It is not an exciting way to live.  But I can live with myself and with Susan and the kids and all that life throws at me and maintain by and large an even keel.  Susan on the other hand adds excitement and noise to the household.  I play with the children and I’m there for them of course, but she provides an atmosphere that I simply can’t/won’t.  The reasons for my attitude in this respect is largely (but by no means exclusively) down to the kind of lifestyle I have been forced to make for the Marriage of One. (more…)


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