Marriage Of One

January 23, 2017


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About a year ago finding that I had little time to pursue any of my own projects or endeavours, and having no energy or desire to work extremely late nights on said endeavours I decided to change my sleep pattern.

Following on from Ben Franklin’s adage that “early to bed, early to rise, Makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”, I decided to go to bed on hour earlier than I had hitherto, and rise nearly 2 hours earlier.

The result is the reduction of sleep from 7h/night to 6h/night. The experience I had from earlier experiences of early rising is that the morning hours are minute-for-minute, more productive than evening hours. I found this useful in my student days. However I found that even 1 hour reduction in sleep as an adult was hard going. Perhaps, age and other pressures and responsibilities conspire to make this a challenging routine to maintain. (more…)


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