Marriage Of One

December 31, 2008

Same old story, new year

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Since my last entry I think I have had sex once.  However, more important than that was that I found out that Susan had contacted some organisation for her sexual problem(s).  This is from the numbers I had given her several months ago.

The problem was that there was nobody to talk to her when she rang and was told to ring again in a few days.  That was around 2 months ago.  To my knowledge she has not tried again.  I guess she doesn’t see this as an urgent or important problem right now.

So as we go into 2009, I have little expectation of improvement.  I’m not being cynical or negative for its own sake:  I know that even if she seeks and gets help, she will do only the minimum ‘homework’ to move any plan devised by her therapist forward.  If there’s one thing that Susan will not devote to sex it’s her time.

Ultimately the only thing – the ONLY thing I believe will ever change our sex-life is if she stops being selfish and compromises.   That is, she has sex despite her feelings sometimes, and does the things I want and accepts the things I want to give.  If she is expecting to miraculously be given a sex drive she is going to be disappointed.


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